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After retiring, we needed to downsize and had the urgency to sell our house. The market was not the greatest with record low prices. Lorraine gave us an honest opinion and realistic advice with market trends and vital information. She also recommended that we de-cluttered, got rid of old furniture and put on a fresh coat of paint with minimum costs to obtain the highest price possible for our home. We were so amazed with how Lorraine decorated, staged and transformed our house into a model home. Beautiful pictures and description of our property were uploaded on the internet. With Lorraine's tireless efforts, our house was sold WITHIN A MONTH! Lorraine was patient, cautious and skillful during the entire negotiation process. Lorraine also helped us find a nice condo suitable for our family members. My wife loves the layout with a large storage room and my daughter likes her bright and cozy room and I love the facilities. With further help from Lorraine's contractor, we were able to renovate the kitchen at minimum costs. I would highly recommend Lorraine as a trusted realtor to anyone. Whether you need to sell your property or to purchase, she is the first person to consult. She is knowledgeable, experienced, reliable and trustworthy. - Jae & Soonok Lee

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Dear Lorraine, I feel I must put pen to paper to compliment you on the way you handled the sale of our condo. Everything was done in a most professional way, and I am delighted with the price you negotiated. I will have no hesitation in recommending you. Wishing all success in your future dealings. - Vera & Jeff Stark

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After interviewing a few agents, we were so happy we picked the right agent. You took time to listen and did best to accommodate our requests. We cannot thank you enough for making the process stress free and sold our home within a short period of time. - Agnes & Gabriel Nemet

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It was my good luck when I hired an agent like Lorraine. At almost "90" selling and moving was very hard on me. However, Lorraine did everything possible to make things easier. Nothing was too much and I certainly appreciated her kindness, knowledge and expertise. I really can't say enough about her, except that I talk about her all the time. She was just exceptionally great!! - Edith Balaban

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